3 Doors Down: Akordy k piesni Be Like That

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3 Doors Down - Be Like That (akordy)

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Artist:3 Doors Down
Song: Be Like That
Tuning: standard
chords used:
G D Em C
e|--3-- --2-- ----- ----- -----|
B|----- --3-- ----- --1-- -----|
G|----- --2-- ----- ----- -----|
D|----- ----- --2-- --2-- -----|
A|--2-- ----- --2-- --3-- -----|
E|--3-- ----- ----- ----- -----|
1st verse:

HA e spends his nights in CaliE fornia,

WF#M atching the stars on the big scrD een

ThA en he lies awake and he wonE ders,

WF#M hy can't that be mD e?
CA ause in his life he's filE led

WF#M ith all these good intenD tions

HF#M e's left a lot of things

He'd ratD her not mention rigA ht now

But just before he says goE odnight,

HF#M e looks up with a lD ittle smile at me,
And he says...


IA f I could be like tE hat,
I would give anything

JF#M ust to live one dD ay, in those shoes

IA f I could be like thE at,

What would I dF#M o,

What would I dD o?

2nd verse:

She spends her days up in the north park,

Watching the people as they pass
And all she wants is just

A little piece of this dream,

Is that too much to ask?

With a safe home, and a warm bed,

On a quiet little street

All she wants is just that something to

Hold onto, that's all she needs

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