Abandoned Pools - Clone High Theme

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Interpret: Abandoned Pools

Abandoned Pools - Clone High Theme (text piesne)

Way, way, back in the 1980's
Secret government employees
Dug up famous guys and ladies
And made amusing genetic copies

Now the clones are sexy teens now
They're gonna make it if they try
Loving, learning, sharing, judging,
A time to laugh and shiver and

Time to watch
Clone High
Energetic and engaging ,
Clone High
Our angst is entertaining,
Clone High
Our lives are never boring,
Who am I?

There's a place that you can go to
And it's never very far
Famous people you can live through
If you don't know who you are

Why there's so much to live up to
Expectations are so high
I'm not crying, it's my contacts
There must be something in my

You all must watch
Clone High
Inspired and organic
Clone High
Possibly dramatic
Clone High
More fun than watching static
Where am I?
Clone High

"Yes Abe, I love y--"

"Where are my bitches?"

"You've changed, Abe"

"Now, I may be blind..."

"Best dudes forever, Abe?"

"Well I'll just leave you two alone, because it looks like you're about to DO IT anyway!"

"I'm a Kennedy! I'm not accustomed to tragedy!"

(A time to laugh and shiver and cry...)x3

I'll see you at

Clone High
I can't escape my name
Clone High
That's the price of fame
Clone High
Life is just a game
That's why
Clone High


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