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Alabama 3 - Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlife (akordy)

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C She don't get up until the sun goes down
B She don't come down until the sun comes up
F She drinks her coffee from a broken cup
C In her Jackie-O sunglasses
C She didn't get to bed until 10am
B When the whiskey ran out she had enough of her friends
F Fussin' and fighting she reminded them
C She hadn't slept for 100 hours
C Sad-eyed lady of the B lowlife
F Come on and burn a while with C me
C Put the high life on the B bonfire baby
F Lets go steal some gasoC line
She got hot in the heat on a cemetery wall
When a preacher tried to kiss her
She knew the light would burn bright again
She'd seen the angels in the disco
Ain't nobody gonna tell her when
The fight's going to start and the bells going to ring
She'll be swinging when the whole world ends
Looking for another tomorrow

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