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Alabama - Angels Among Us (akordy)

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F I was walkin' C/F# home from school
DM7 on a B GDD C cold winter day,
F took a short cut DM7 through the B GDD C woods
and I C lost my way.
F It was gettin' C/F# late, DM7 and I was B GDD C scared and alone.
F Then a kind old EsM7 man took my B (ADD D)BANDGND LED D me home.
but B GDD C he was standing C7 there,
and B GDD C I knew in my F/B heart
he was the B GDD C answer to my C7 prayer.
Oh, F GDD G I be-DM7 lieve there are GM7 Angels A-C7 mong Us,
F GDD G sent down DM7 to us from B GDD C somewhere up above.
C7 They come to F GDD G you and DM7 me in B our darkest hoursC7
to B GDD C show us how to AsM7 live
to B GDD C teach us how to C7 give
to B GDD C guide us with a C7 light of F love.
G Bm7 |C add D D7 |
Verse 2
When life held troubled times
and had me down on my knees
there's always been someone
to come along and comfort me
a kind word from a stranger
to lend a helping hand
a phone call from a friend
just to say I understand
Now ain't it kind of funny
at the dark end of the road
someone light the way with just a single ray of hope.
repeat Chorus
B GDD C They wear so AsM7 many faces,
B GDD C show up in the AsM7 strangest places
and B GDD C grace us with their AsM7 mercies GM7 in our time of C7 need.
repeat chorus
then repeat, "to guide us with a light of love"
G |C |D7 |G
y'all enjoy!
Doug (I love this song) Smith

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