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Alabama - Deep river woman (akordy)

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F DeAsM7 ep River WoB manC
F Lord IAsM7 'm comin home to GM7 youB/D
F DeAsM7 ep River WoB manC
GM Lord I know she's B waiting
GM Just anticipatiB ng aB/D ll my F love
F Spent a night in LAsM7 A
just aGM7 nother chance to see yB/D ou
F just AsM7 you and IGM7 B/D
F Wanted you to knoAsM7 w
that my pGM7 layin days are oB/D ver
causeGM7 all I do is thinkEs of you
The writings on the wC all
== Chorus ==
I've been out in the world
I guess the fast lif had me going
Now all tha's changed
Finally made up my mind
bout the one thing I've been knowing
You're the only girl
I've ever cared for in this world
== Chorus ==
Es Your kind of love girl B/D is foreveF r
Es Took me a long time B/E to realF ize
that I've cB ome so far to enB/D d up going noF where
Girl I nB eed you by my sB/D ide
== Chorus ==
== Chorus ==
Hope you enjoy!
Marvin Potts

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