Alabama - Ole Baugh Road

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Alabama - Ole Baugh Road (text piesne)

Round Ole Baugh Road it's a great place kids to grow
Some grow up and move away
Most of us decide to stay
Round the ole' Baugh Road

Hard working mom and dad
Gve us things that they never had
I our corner of the world
Romance is slow for the boys and girls
Round the ole' Baugh Road

The neighborhood still looks the same
just new kids with the same old names
My Baugh Road's in a southern state
Yours may be anywhere, USA
Look around ole' Baugh Road.

I see the kids on Ole' Baugh Road
I see the glory of the future glow
Look to the Heavens and give a shout
Like my daddy did when he started out.
Round, round, round the ole Baugh Road,
Round, round, round,
Round, round, round
Round, round, round,
The Ole' Baugh Road
Round, round, round,
Round, round, round...

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