Alabama - Once Upon a Lifetime

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Alabama - Once Upon a Lifetime (text piesne)

Once upon a lifetime
I looked in someone's eyes
And felt the fire burning in my heart
For the very first time
She was scared and young
And had never tasted love
So I took her by the hand
And a boy became a man
Once upon a lifetime.
And once upon a lifetime
You hold the queen of hearts
But if you gamble on a diamond when
The dealing starts
You stand to lose it all
As the cards begin to fall
And the lesson learned is hard
You're only dealt the queen of hearts
Once upon a lifetime,
So if you take a chance
Just know the chance you take
A broken heart's a high price to pay
Foolish ways will make fools of the wise
And the best things seldom come along twice.
And once upon a lifetime
You know that you've been blessed
When you hold your first born tenderly
Against your chest
And through the innocence you see
There you are the family
And you feel a special bond
That only comes along
Once upon a lifetime.
Repeat Chorus.
And people only find
A love like yours and mine
Once upon a lifetime
Outro- G - D

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