Asteria - The Taste, The Touch

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Asteria - The Taste, The Touch (text piesne)

so this is it
the feeling that ive missed
a subtle kind of pain
that keeps me from sleep
try to explain
how your touch drives me insane
and i cant spend a night
without wishing i was with you

wanna tell you a secret
and leave it on your lips
wanna sing it through your body
wanna tell it through this kiss
if i told you my secret
would you swear to keep it

would you swear to keep it

im watching you dance
im seeing you smile
still getting butterflies
every once in a while
feelings insist on falling
twist on lust
a choice to care
a wish to touch

when you say never ill say lie
when you say always ill say true
when you say love ill say you ill say you

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