B3 - You Win Again

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B3 - You Win Again (text piesne)

I couldn´t figure why
You couldn´t give me what everybody needs
I shouldn´t let you kick when I´m down my baby
I find out everybody knows that you´ve been using me
I´m surprised you let me stay around you
One day I´m gonna lift the cover and look inside your heart
We gotta level before we go
And tear this love apart

R: There´s no fight you can´t fight
This battle of love with me
You win again
So little time we doing nothing but compete
There´s no life on earth
No other could see me through
You win again
Some never try but if anybody can, we can
And I´ll be, I´ll be following you

Oh baby, I shake you from now on
I´m gonna break down your defences one by one
I´m gonna hit you from all sides
Lay your fortress open wide
Nobody stops this body from taking you
You better beware, I swear
I´m gonna be there, when you fall
I could never let you cast a side
The greatest love of all....

R: There´s no fight you can´t fight...

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