Del Amitri - Jesus Saves

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Del Amitri - Jesus Saves (text piesne)

Jesus saves, saves little children in distress
Jesus saves, he saves the sick, the penniless
Jesus saves, he saves the dying in their beds
Jesus saves, he saves the drowning, saves the wrecks
Jesus saves, he saves the pure and leaves the rest

Jesus saves, he saves the homeless on the streets
Jesus saves, saves the afflicted, saves the meek
Jesus saves, he saves the hungry, saves the weak
Jesus saves, saves every soul that he can reach
Jesus saves, he saves the useful, leaves the obsolete

Jesus loves, he loves the underdog, he does
Jesus loves downtrodden sinners just like us
Jesus loves, he loves to hear the sound of pain
Just because, well he can't save you if you ain't one of us
The damned, the blind, the deaf, the never-walk-again

Jesus gives to the lame, he gives their limps
Jesus gives to the prostitues, their pimps
Jesus gives, gives us the crackhead's crying wince
Jesus gives, he gives the derelicts their drinks
Jesus gives, so he can watch the swamp of people squirm and sink

'Cause Jesus craves, he craves the brotherhood of man
Jesus craves the bony gripping of its hands
Jesus craves, he craves the cross, he craves the nails
Jesus craves, he craves the pain the mortal feels
Jesus craves all the cruelty that ever made him real

Jesus saves, saves every sinner you can see
Jesus saves, saves even amateurs like me
Jesus saves, saves men of evil, men of greed
Jesus saves, saves you from thinking, just believe
That Jesus saves, and you can lemming-like go walking, to the
Cliffs of eternity

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