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Depeche Mode - Strangelove (akordy)

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Verse 1:
There be tFM imes when my crFM imes
will seeC# m almost unfor-Es giveble
I give iFM n to sFM in
becourse you hC# ave to make this life lEs iveble
But when you tFM hink I've had enough from FM your sea of love
I'll C# take more than another riEs verfull
Yes and FM I'll make it Es all worth-FM while
C# I'll make your Es heart smile
FM Strangelove BM strange highs and stC# range lows
FM Strangelove BM that's how my love goC# es
FM Strangelove
BM will you Es give it to me
FM will you take the pain
BM I will Es give to you
As again and again
C D Em + intro
and will you return it

Verse 2:
There'll be dFM ays
When I'll sFM tray
I may C# appear to be
ConstantlEs y out of reach
I give iFM n
to FM sin
Because I lC# ike to practice what I pEs reach
I'm not FM trying to say
I'll have it aFM ll my way
I'm always wC# illing to learn
When you've got sEs omething to teach
And FM I'll make it aEs ll worth-wFM hile
C# I'll make your hEs eart smile
FM Pain will you return it
FM I'll say it agaiC# n -- pain BM
FM Pain will you return it
FM I won't say it agaiC# n BM
Riff 1: Riff 2:

Riff 3:

Em Riff 1
BM Strange highs and Es strange lows
Em Riff 2
BM That's how my Es love goes
Em Riff 3
BM Will you Es give it to me

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