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Eels - All In A Days Work (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

Es5 WhenEs5 I wEs5 as bEs5 orn C#5 the C5 doctoH5 r saH5 id H5 H5 F#5
Es5 there'Es5 s someEs5 thing Es5 wrong C#5 insideC5 that bH5 aby hH5 ead H5 H5 F#5
Es5 whenEs5 i wEs5 as aEs5 boyC#5 at C5 sundaH5 y scH5 hoolH5 H5 F#5
Es5 I toEs5 ld tEs5 hem Es5 all C#5 thatC5 theyH5 werH5 e foH5 ols H5 F#5
F# All in a day's H work
As7 to live and breathe
H a sight to see
and so it goes
I went into the fortune teller's
she wouldn't read my horoscope
i go into the laundromat
the people all buy extra soap
All in a day's work
to live and breathe
a sight to see
A7 x02020
C5 x355xx
C x32010
C#5 x466xx
D5 x577xx
E5 x799xx
G5 355xxx
G 320003

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