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Eels - Dead of Winter (akordy)

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C# StAs anF# diEssus2 ng in the dark outside the house
Breathing in the cold and sterile air
F# AnBM d I was thinking how it must feel
FM To Essus2 see that little light
F# AnBM d watch it as it dissapears
FM And fades into
As And fades into the night
C# SoAs IF# kEssus2 now you're going pretty soon
Radiation sore throat got your tongue
F# MaBM gic markers tattoo you
FM AndEssus2 show it where to aim
F# AnBM d stranger break their promises
FM You won't feel any
As You won't feel any pain.
C# AnF# d the streets are jammed with cars
Rockings their horns
To the race to the wire
F# OfC# tAs he unfinished line
C# ThAs ouF# ghEssus2 t that I'd forget all about the past
But it doesn't let me run too fast
F# AnBM d I just want to stand outside
FM AndEssus2 know that this is right
F# And this is true
BM And I will not
FM Fade into
As Fade into the night
C# StF# anding her in the dark
And that just about it.

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