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Eisley - Just Like We Do (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

GM-466444 A-x02220
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Just Like We Do
Intro: E
Es Dear, did you know that people love each other
CM7 Just like GM we do
CM7 Just like GM they do
Es Dear did you know you're all I ask for
CM7 So hold on GM to me
CM7 Hold on GM with me here
As And there are things that Es follow us
As Quietly to the Es past
As We've seen all those Es faces
As We won't go looking for Asus4 tro - A uble
Es The rain tumbled down through the cracks in the sky
Which CM7 made your GM hands grow
CM7 Watch your GM hands grow
As But we still see Es through their As planks, shifting Es laughs
As We'll hold the hands Es of sinners As and we will Asus4 pa -- A ss
As Oooh Es ah
As Oooh Es ah
As Oooh Es ah
Outro: A Bsus4 B E A

Tabbed by:
Shaun Molthop

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