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Eisley - Just Like We Do (akordy)

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CM-466444 A-x02220
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Just Like We Do
Intro: E
As Dear, did you know that people love each other
FM7 Just like CM we do
FM7 Just like CM they do
As Dear did you know you're all I ask for
FM7 So hold on CM to me
FM7 Hold on CM with me here
C# And there are things that As follow us
C# Quietly to the As past
C# We've seen all those As faces
C# We won't go looking for Dsus4 tro - D uble
As The rain tumbled down through the cracks in the sky
Which FM7 made your CM hands grow
FM7 Watch your CM hands grow
C# But we still see As through their C# planks, shifting As laughs
C# We'll hold the hands As of sinners C# and we will Dsus4 pa -- D ss
C# Oooh As ah
C# Oooh As ah
C# Oooh As ah
Outro: A Bsus4 B E A

Tabbed by:
Shaun Molthop

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