Elán: Akordy k piesni Invisible Girls in Uniforms

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Interpret: Elán

Elán - Invisible Girls in Uniforms (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

C, Ami, Fmaj7, Gsus4, C, Ami, Fmaj7, Gsus4
Ami, B9, Fmaj7, Gsus4

CMusic in Amiears, Fmaj7parts full of Gsus4greets
CWork still Amigrowin', Fmaj7hmm, love's Gsus4tale end
CEver Amicome just Fmaj7girs underGsus4standing
(The invisible Amiuniforms) B, F, Gsus4

Only hads with smell of cheap soap
The uniforms have stolen faces
They have you wings of their own
The invisible uniforms

Asmaj7If I had a Bcarridge
CmiI would steal them FmisomeGmithing
Asmaj7Just the wait the Bgirls up for a Eswhile
Asmaj7If I were been Gsus4able
FmiI would Gmibuild the Cmilong bridge
AsThru Gmithe FmiloneEsly space to the Cheart

Million years there at your service
The uniforms are with no names are
I can read there - we are lonesome
(The invisible uniforms)
Music in ears, parts full of greets
Work still growin', hmm, love's tale end
Ever come just girs understanding
(The invisible uniforms)

If I had a carridge, I would steal them something
Just the wait the girls up for a while
If I were been able, I would build the long bridge
Thru the lonely space to the heart

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