Elán - Like a bird

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Interpret: Elán

Elán - Like a bird (text piesne)

You don´t believe me since my heart goes on knocking, and I can stop it, I can stop rocking. Don´t need those useless, what´s do know we they ring then, while I can stand them, I can stop singing. Don´t try a turn, don´t try a hoe me, Like a bird I have to singing be free. My life is clear got, since I give up sockling. Grown up I stopped it, now I can stop rocking. Pick it of whisdom all it pain is so stinking, still I can stop it, I can stop singing. Don´t try a turn... (2x) They rain be more, they (nusty?) roads, (mama´s vision?) not understand. But still I know, some thing believe, turning (..?..) we got to lenght? You don´t believe me since... 4x chorus

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