Etterna - The Independent Dreamland

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Etterna - The Independent Dreamland (text piesne)

Curtain slowly fell on the ground
Voices begun to whisper their names
into my ears
I did not fade away and hold my tears

In the dreamland independent
there is no snow to be found
only a room within
let me growl inside of me
There's no life in my hands - growl
help me ease my sore
My own voice I can't hear
only calm heartbeat

Shadow awakens
and it will never cease
Now it's growing all around
I can't define that sound

Never ending cycle in my head
I live in independent dreamland
Diversified sounds - have I been sleeping ?
I breathe in independent dreamland
there is only me and mysef now
I grow in independent dreamland
No one can give me hand now
Live in my independ ent dreamland

I hear someone's cry
I want to find her but I have no strength
Now I am in state of numb
My lips are stitched and legs are paralized

I can't define that sound
it is all around
It will not stop
Shadow awakens


I will try to sleep
here in my own dreams
I will try to die inside me
I will try to sleep
here in my own dreams
I will try to die instantly

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