Hash - Centuries Of Hate

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Hash - Centuries Of Hate (text piesne)

I can´t sleep so I´m on street today
I´m sober well no hooray
Feel sick, dirty natural grey
and little bit insane

Have a feeling that I´m caught in a trap
That I´m walking in circle instead ?
I´m closer to assimilate
But wait here comes the most real pose

I know what I do
Open my eyes and face the thruth
Because I wanna stop to serve
To false morality and slavery rules ,in me and you

Revolution isn´t ideal
It isn´t dream or unreal
It´s an instinct of self preservation
When we forget that most of it was lie
You know the truth always brings you to your knees

Wake up 1,2,3,4 centuries of hate
Are united in this shit decade
Look out from window
and you will see the piece of master plan

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