Hash - Perfect Week

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Hash - Perfect Week (text piesne)

Pour metheglin, I'm gonna unveil the sky
Let the stars shine through the night
Candles are trembling curiously
They are excited And you're lying devotedly in my arms

In a magical place where the desires materialize
There our bodies become one
With a strong dose of freedom the words lose meaning And like a bird that escaped from the cage
Ploughing eternity

And when the sunrise touch of a crystal-clear lake
Like a mist we disappear into the universe
I'm silently screaming inside myself
I want it all, I want it today

Let's kill pointless prejudice and enjoy (the moment)
After all, everything is evanescent in this world
Reality will loosen up as a slave's chains (as slave's chains)
And infinity welcomes the courage of unknown (and infinity)

Now there's nothing in our way
There's no danger to us
Our world blossomed into full glory
Beings intoxicated with love
Have reached extasy

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