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Mark Chesnutt - Down In Tennessee 2 (akordy)

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D I talked to your D/BB sister last night on the tG/A elephone GM/AB D
You know she D/BB always talked pretty G/A well of me D
She said that the D/BB wedding went fine
You were G/A up in New York on your GM/AB honeymoon D
ToD/BB night I'm doG/A wn __G _ in TennesseeD
D I got that lD/BB etter you wrote it G/A tore me up GM/AB D
But I D/BB don't have anyone to G/A blame but me D
I had it D/BB all for a while, but like eG/A verything else
I GM/AB messed it up D
ToniD/BB ght I'm dowG/A n ___G _ in TennesseeD
G It's blue toGmaj7 night ___ and G getting bluer D
Girl I'm in the A state that I deseG rve to be D
Without yG ou I just can'tA see
HM Things ever looking G up for meD
I'mCB so dG/A own G in TennesD see
I hope your D/BB happy with him he's a lG/A ucky man GM/AB D
And I hope he D/BB gives you that home an G/A family D
I just wanna D/BB say if by chance
You are G/A ever this way lGM/AB ook me up D
D/BB I'll be dowG/A n ___G _ in TennesseD e
repeat chorus:
Tex -- , there is like 9 different Chord variations in this one , sounds really sweet though ..

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