Marvin Gaye - I Met a Little Girl

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Marvin Gaye - I Met a Little Girl (text piesne)

I met a little girl, sure was fine
Pretty little thing just about blew my mind
She took me home and ahh made love to me
I knew right then and there this is where I wanted to be
Most of my life I had been all, all alone
And you're so sweet to me, don't think i'll ever roam
And then one day as time will pass
I had this feeling that our love would last
Nothing could go wrong and it seemed everything I did
Seemed to please you, all the heartaches you hid

Then one night after we made it, and we were through
That's when I decided I wanted to marry you

Do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife
To love, hold and cherish for the rest of your life?
I do, yes I do, I do darlin'
'Cause I love you


Once you really loved me
Once I really loved you


Then time would change you
As time would really change me
We thought our love would stand the test of time
And as I sing this song right now I wonder today, today
If you're a friend of mine

Cry cry cyr-I have done some crying
Woman, you have caused my tears to flow
Cry cry cry-d you cry about me?
Dou you think about the kind of love we had?

Hal le hallelejah
Hal le lu i'm free
Hal le hallelejah
Hal le lu i'm free
(crying and fade)

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