Performed - Good Mood Stealer

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Performed - Good Mood Stealer (text piesne)

So you think you know everything, need nothing
and everybody is here to serve, but in one you are right,
they show you what you are when they spit to the ground
when you come and vomit when they try to swerve

Get up with a good feeling, but your dreams are now shut
Dreams about a life, you are about to fuck
In the evening just before you fall asleep, you just notice,
you are the best in good mood stealing

Still here, with us,
sticked, Deputed,
you come back again
Spelled, smiling
Ready to destroy another one’s day

So you are a Dick, but worse is, you aren’t aware
Build your tower of suffering, body covers body
but such constructions cannot be built to infinity
everything will fall on you, karma will impair

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