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Queen - Good Company (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

As Edim H E
H7 Take good core of what you've got
E My father said to me
As he puffed his pipe and Baby B.
He dandled on his knee
E Don't fool with E7 fools who'll As turn C7 away
H7 Keep all Good CompaE ny
Oo Hoo Oo Hoo
Take care of those you call your own
And keep Good Company
Soon I grew and happy too
My very good friends and me
We'd play all day and Sally J.
The girl from number four
And very soon I begged her won't you
Keep me Company
NC#7 ow marriage is an insinuation F#M sure
C# F# D#7(VIII)
My wife and I our needs and nothing more
F#M All my friends by a year by and by disappear
But we're sAsM afe enough behind our dAs oor.
I flourished in my humble trade
My reputation grew
The work devoured my waking hours
But when my time was through
Reward of all my efforts my own
Limited Company
I hardly noticed Sall as we
Pated ComAsM panyH
xx444x xx344x xx244x xx644x
All through the years in the end it appears
There was nAsM ever really anyone but As me
Now I'm old I puff my pipe
But no-one's there to see
I ponder on the lesson of
My life's insanity
Take care of those you call your own
And Keep Good Company
"solo" chords (1:56)
x x 16 15 14 14 x x x 13 14 12 x x x 11 12 11 x x x 14 13 10
C#7 x x x 6 6 7 F# x x x 6 7 6
F#7 x x x 9 7 9 B x x x 8 7 7
D7 x x x 7 7 8 D#7 x x x 6 8 6
G#m x x x 8 9 7 C# x x 6 6 6 x
D#7(VIII) x x x 8 8 9
Bm x x 9 7 7 x A# x x x 7 6 6

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