Queen: Akordy k piesni These Are the Days of Our Lives

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Queen - These Are the Days of Our Lives (akordy)

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C Sometimes I get to feeling F/C I was back in the oC ld daF ys long aBB/F goF
C When we were kids, when we were young F/C things seC emed F so perfeBB/F ct, yoF u know
C/G The days were nedless, we were crazy we were young
G The sun was always shining, we just lived for fun
DM/A Sometimes I feel like laDM tely, I dont know
AM The rest of my lifes been just a showG
C Those F/C were C the G/B days AM of oG ur liF9 ves
C The bad tF/C hings C in lG/B ife weC re sG o feF9 w
Those daC ys aF/C re alC l goG/B ne noAM w, bG utBB Fsus2 one thBB ing iF/A s true
When I loC/G ok, and I fiG nd I still F love you
Verse 2:
You cant turn back the clock, you cant turn back the tide
Aint that a shame?
Id like to go back one time on a rollercoaster ride
When life's just a game
No use in sitting and thinking on what you did
When you can lay back and enjoy it through your kids
Sometimes it seems like lately, I just dont know
Better sit back and go with the flow
Queen: These are the days of our lives

Transcribed by Pinter Denes

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