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R.E.M. - You Are Everything (akordy)

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A Sometimes I feel like I can't even E sing
I'm very scared for this wA orld
I'm very scared for E me
Eviscerate your memA ory
Here's a A scene
You're E in the back seat laying down
The A windows wrap around you
The E sound of the travel and the engine
D All you hear is A time stand still inD travel
You feel such peace and abA solue
The stillness still that doD esn't end
But slowly drifts iA nto sleep
The stE ars are the greatest thing you've ever seen
And tE hey're there for you
For yE ou alone you are the everythiA ng
I thiA nk about this worlE d a lot and I cry
And I'A ve seen the films and the E eyes
But I'm in this kiA tchen
EverythingE is beautiful
And she isA so beautiful
She is so young aE nd old
I look at her and D I see the beauty
Of thA e light of music
The voD ice is talking somewhereA in the house
Late spring and yD ou're drifting off to sleep
With yourE teeth in your mouth
E You are here with me
E You are here with me
E You have been here andHM you are everything

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