Scarlet Wings - Flame Of Life

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Interpret: Scarlet Wings

Dĺžka piesne: 04:40

Scarlet Wings - Flame Of Life (text piesne)

Flame Of life

Music & Lyrics: Scarlet Wings

There we go, travelling back in time
Just to see our lives on the screen tonight

We can see all our secret lies
All the filth will be soon revealed

We know we harmed
We know we sinned
And now we´ll be judged

Now it is time to leave
I see fear in your eyes
There`s nothing much more to give
Cause the death is coming for us all tonight

Fate is near so throw away your fear
Too late to pray dry your tears
Cause tonight´s the day to give our souls away
Time to keep down

Only dead you will, you`re damned...

Flame burning deep in our hearts
Flame of your life´s damping out
Flame burning deep in your soul will fade out
Only then you will´re dead

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