Scarlet Wings - Oceans Of Blood

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Interpret: Scarlet Wings

Dĺžka piesne: 03:59

Scarlet Wings - Oceans Of Blood (text piesne)

Oceans of Blood

Music & Lyrics: Scarlet Wings

Step into my mind and try to deviate
from all you know
Say what you can see when there´s no reality
in this darkened world

Your deeds are all in vain cause nothing will remain
time will erase
Put on this coat of pain and float on my boat of fear
straight to your fate

See what´s turning our lives into hellish parade
for the rest of our lives we swim alone

In oceans of blood, with angels of pain
sharing the misery that never ends
In oceans of blood we empty our veins
celebrate all the pain that appears again...

In oceans of blood we´re sceraming in pain
In oceans of blood we suffer again...

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