Suzanne Vega - Brother Mine

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Suzanne Vega - Brother Mine (text piesne)

Sonny boy, you need new sneakers
Better go into town and get then Friday night
Come to think of it, kid, you need just about everything
But I think things are gonna be all right,
Yes, I think things are gonna be all right.

So you went and got yourself back into trouble
Went and got yourself into another fight
Come on here, let me see your eye, now it's all black and swollen
But I think you're gonna be all right
Yes, I think that you're gonna be all right.

I don't know why you're such a troublemaker
You'd think that maybe by now you'd see the light
Getting yourself torn up, boy, and we don't have that much money
But I think maybe things will be all right,
Yes, I think maybe things will be all right.

Now maybe I shouldn't yell
'Cause I know you're just a kid
But I can't always tell
What's on your mind, half of the time, brother mine.

Now I know that you're just my little brother
And I don't expect you to get everything just right
But I think you ought to use a little more sense than what you're using
And maybe then things would be all right,
Yes, and maybe then thing would be all right.

I know that I sit and I worry too much
Especially when you come home such a sight
But I guess what you've got to do, boy, you go ahead and do it
And I sure hope thing will be all right,
Yes, I sure hope things will be all right.

Now you come back here, you scruffy little brother
Come on back here and let me kiss you goodnight
'Cause I know if you were gone I'd miss the sound of laughter
And that's gonna make everything all right,
Yes, that's gonna make everything all right.

(May 12, 1974)

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