Swan Bride - The Day After I Killed My Girlfriend

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Swan Bride - The Day After I Killed My Girlfriend (text piesne)

what’s the time ?
there’s no tick-tock
stereo pumps
a funeral waltz
drastic awaking in the dark it’s so cold
when did you leave, my love ?
where did you go ?

is this a nightmare
or a psychotic mind ?
the bottle is empty
so is this night
the TV is screening some low budget porn
I hear the ringing
but can’t answer the phone

my face on the floor
I give up the fight
small carpet people
they tied me too tight
I look like Guliver, who was trapped in the sleep
with horrors in mind
that his true love was killed

no no no NO!!!!
I’m screaming out loud
loosing consciousness
I feel like a clown
policemen knocking on my unlocked door
what did you do last night ?
where did you go, mister ?

lights don’t shine (no more)
the music has stopped (oh no)
this room full of shadows
it’s my private world
and I don’t hear him asking twice, I don’t give a fuck
what happened outside
of this carnival house

take off your mask
of white porcelain
the wolves are in town
so where have you been ?
when she was screaming for help, when she was facing the end
‘cause you are the last one
who was seen holding her hand

yeah I held her hand
I remember now
those tears in her eyes
in the moment she died
I kissed her goodnight
for one last time
tell me why ? why ? WHY ?

yesterday night
was a full-moon, my God
hands covered with fur
my teeth were too sharp
I met her down there, I couldn’t explain
I’m a werewolf, sweetheart, please run away!!!
…I loved her too much

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