Tim McGraw: Akordy k piesni I Do But I Dont-crd

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Interpret: Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw - I Do But I Dont-crd (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

You aG lways come back wBM7 hen I'm at my wAM eakest
D When I'm fool enough to let you iG nAM7 D
G Sayin' how this tBM7 ime around is diAM fferent
D Asking if I want to try agG ainAM D
I dG o, but I dBM7 on't
I wC ant to, but I AM won't
I aD m but I aD7 in't
I coC uld but C9 I just cD an't
It feels riG ght but it's wBM7 rong
And IG 've hurt AM way G/B too loC ng
So when you aG sk me iD f I EM know what I wC ant
I G do, bD ut I dG on't
(Repeat Intro)
G What resistance BM7 I have left witAM hin me
I loD se each time you're holding me this clG oseAM7 D
With eG very bitter sBM7 weet kiss, girl, you tAM empt me
D Asking if I want to let you gG oAM D
So don't G ask me D if IEM know what I C want
G D(one strum)
Cause I do
G C9 G C9 G(one strum)
But I don't
Am = x02210
Am7 = x02010
Bm7 = x24232(bar chord) or xx4232
C = x32010
C9 = x32030
D = xx0232
D7 = xx0212
Em = 022000
G = 320003
G/B = x2003x

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