U2 - Elvis Presley and America

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U2 - Elvis Presley and America (text piesne)

White flash, under my own love.
Tell me of my own.
White flash come though my own life.
Telling these things.
And I weary them.
And I believe in you.

White flash see the sky,
And it turns inside from you.
She won't turn my back.
And I know that it makes me blue.
And you hope.
And your sky is feeling blue.
And your heart, so cold when I'm with you.
And you feel, like no one told you to.
And your time was on your side.
Don't talk to me.

You know, like no one told you how,
but you know the king that howls has howled.
But you feel like sentimental.
But you don't care without sharing in your heart.

But there's no hope, go to sleep.
So hope in sleep.
I breaking through for you and me.
And you don't.
No one told you to.
And you found out
Where you were going to.

You were through with me,
but I know you should be back for more
You know, And no one told you so.
And you know the sky,
And it's shade of blue.
And you walk, you walk to let go.
You pull from the outside, tell me
Don't fade away.
Drop me down but don't break me.
In your sleep.
It's in your heart and mine.
The whole sea is dark.
Loving is on your side and walking through.
So let me in your heart,
You beat is like something from you.
They lost it.
So stay (sad) over midnight.
Oh stay (sad) under the sky.
And you know, and no one told you how.
And you cared,
and no one told you tried.
And your heart, it lift out from the side.
And the rain beats down.
And the shame beats down.
And this rain keeps on coming down.
And this time is right.
Don't let them push you by,
You're going to go join God.
And if someone ask you why,
You tell them some old lie.
Give away some ole lie.
You know, and no one told you why.
And you feel,
Like you pretend you can
Go you live.
Don't you leave
Don't leave out part of me that I can feel.
Like I can feel me fall.
I can't hold on,
see that flaw.
Let me feel.
Let the pieces only flow.

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