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A1 - Make It Good (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

G When you're weary, WheC n you're down and out
A Lay your handCadd9 s on me
G I count my blessings, tC hink of all I have
A She never thought about Cadd9 it then threw it all away
G Left it all to chance, SheA tore down fences
Cadd9 Now it seems so wasted wisA h she could turn back time.
Chorus 1
G Now she's down on herA knees to pray
Baby pleasCadd9 e make it good, make C it good somehow
G She will do anything to change
So pleaseC make it good, make iG t good somehow
G SomeC one pA lease
G When you're weary, whC en you're down and out
A Lay your haCadd9 nds on me
G had a vision. TimC e to make a stand
A for all she is to me, toCadd9 turn her life around
G To take back yesterday'sC never easy
A When you're wrong youG 're wrong. It seCadd9 ems impossible so
Chorus 2
Strum These Chords Slowly When Mark Says
"Welcome To Your Revolution"
G Welcome to your rC evoloution
G What you dream iC s what you A see
G There's no rules or rCadd9 egulations
G Let the muC sic set you frA ee
G When you're weary, WhenC you're down and out
A Lay your handsCadd9 on me
*Repeat The Intro
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