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Alabama - Hats Off (akordy)

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A The stage is set toD night down in E Nashville
It's D been a long, hard A ride into F#M town
A And thanks to some cowboys anD d heros E
D My chance to sing has finally coE me around A
Verse 2:

A The first song I everD sang was haggard E
D Momma sang to me I saw A the Light F#M
A I'd turn my radio upD loudeE r
To heD ar Johnny Cash waE lk the line A
Verse 3:

A Waylon sang a song aboD ut Texas E
D Willie's "Blue Eyes Crying A In The Rain" F#M
A Bocephus sings a song abouD t dixie. E
D Lefty taught us all hE ow to sing. A
Chorus 1:

A Hats off to harE d riding cowboyD s
E Riding some where tonight A
A Hats off to haE rd riding cowboD ys
D Wanted, deadE or alive A
Verse 4:

A Charlie ran the devilD out of GeorgiaE
D Skynyrd sang sweet hA ome Alabam F#M
A The Ahlman brothers taught usD how to ramble E
D And to Tucker boys showed usE how to jam. A
Repeat Chorus 1
Verse 5:

A The stage is set tonight D up in Heaven E
D Rebas band is there A with Patsy Cline F#M
A And all around are cowboysD and cowgirls E
D And thanks to them the music's stiE ll alive A
Chorus 2:

A Hats off to harE d riding cowboD ys
E Flying somewhere tonight A
A Hats off to harE d fighting cowboyD s
D Wanted, deadE or alive A
Repeat chorus 2 and fade.
Don "Boogs" Wolfe

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