Alabama: Akordy k piesni Love in the First Degree

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Alabama - Love in the First Degree (akordy)

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Capo 1st Fret
1st Verse:
I G once thought of love as a prison, D
A plC ace I didn't want to be, G
AM So long ago, I made a G decision
To be fooAM tloose and fancy-free. D
But yoG u came and I was so tempted, D
To gaC mble on love just one time, G
I nAM ever thought, I woG uld get caught,
It sAM eemed like the perfect crime. D
C Baby you left me defenselesG s,
C I've only got one plea, G
AM Lock me away, inside ofG your love,
And thrAM ow away the key. D
I'm guC ilty,
Of lD ove in the first degree. G
2nd Verse:
G I thought it would be so simple, D
Like a thoC usand times before,
I'd tAM ake what I wanted, and just walk G away,
But I neAM ver made it to the door. D
Now babG e I'm not begging for mercy, D
Go aheaC d and throw the book at me, G
If AM loving you's a crime, I knowG that I'm
As guAM ilty as a man can be. D
(Repeat Chorus)
Tag: LovC e in the first deG gree.
(Alternate between Chorus and Tags and fade out)

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