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Lock 'em Away

All - Lock 'em Away

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Interpret: All

All - Lock 'em Away (text piesne)

dont like what they do, lock them away
dont like what they say, lock them away

does your child display the seven warning signs? lock them away
they're not quite what you had in mind, lock them away

we've got drugs and therapy,
we will fix them for a fee
erasing the mistake, lock them away

three strikes and youre out, lock them away
they're guilty beyond doubt, lock them away

ignore the poor, build more jails,
dont ask where their system fails,
erasing the mistake, lock em away

dont want to see them, wont take their calls
reduce them to a numbered room
like they were never there at all

the old, the sick and lame, lock them away
we ought to be ashamed the way we lock them away

just you wait, we've got a place
when you no longer pull your weight
erasing the mistake
erasing the mistake
lock 'em away

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