Asonance: Akordy k piesni Will Ye Gang Love

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Asonance - Will Ye Gang Love (akordy)

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1. As I came Emiin by yon Grushy DwoodGD
Awhat spied DI at my true loves Adoor
my heart stood Dstill me eyes grew bGlindEmi
for to Dsee my bonnie Emilad leave Gme beAhind.
R: And will ye Emigang love and Gleave me DnowGD
Awill ye Dgang love and leave me Anow
will ye foreDsake your own love trGueEmi
and gang wi’ a Dlass Emithat you Gnever Aknew.
2. As I came in by yon lenten wend
I spied another my love attend
I bowed my head I cried achon
the best of my good days are gone.
3. And will I tell you the reason why
because she’s got more gold than I
and I will tell you the reason true
the sweeter taste of a love that’s new.
4. I leaned my back against an oak
thinking it was a trusty tree
but first it bent and then it broke
and so has my love done unto me.
5. And if you love me we’ll never part
and instead of gold you can have my heart
you can have my heart with a right good will
you’re a bonnie laddie I love you still.

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