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B.j. Thomas - Make To My Rockin Chair-crd (akordy)

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YoF u're the girl that I wC ant to get to kDmi now, a little bAmi etter,
TonBB ight I'm gonna tC ake ya' to a picture sF how,
GF onna park in the daC rkest spot I Dmi know,
I got a quAmi estion, That I nGmi ever asked anybody else befC ore.
Hey would you hF elp me make it to my rDmi ockin' chair,
LF ove me all of my lF7 ife,
Don't wanna grow BB old without you,
Don't waGmi nna be out in the Dmi cold without you no mC ore,
HF elp me make it to my roDmi ckin' chair,
BF een saving my gF7 ood times for you BB girl,
WGmi ould you hold me and nC ever ever let me F go.
IBB 've been told about love for so long,
EB Been left cold without love for so long,
TG old of disappointments all so wrong,
And C I can't see me, In toC7 morrow without you beside me.
HF elp me make it to my roDmi ckin' chair,
BF7 een saving my good times for you gBB irl,
Would you hold me and nC7 ever ever let me F go.

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