Band: Akordy k piesni Daniel and the Sacred Harp

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Band - Daniel and the Sacred Harp (akordy)

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Daniel and The Sacred Harp
DaG niel Daniel and the saD cred harp
DaC ncing through the clG over
DaC niel Daniel woBM uld you mind
D7 If I look it oG ver
I heG ard of this famous harp yeC ars ago back in my hD7 ome tG own
But I sure never thought old DaC niel be the one to come and brD ing it arEM ound
TG ell me Daniel hD ow the harp cC ame into your poseG ssion
Are you one of the chD osen few who will daC nce in the the procG ession
C and DaEM niel said
TG he sacred harp was hanD ded down from faG ther unto sD on
And nC eed not be reBM lated I could nAM ever be the oD7 ne
So I saG ved up all my siD lver and tG ook it to a mD an
Who saC id he could deBM liver the harp stAM raight into my hG and
Three yEM ears he waited patA iently
till he retuD rned with the harp from the sC ea of Galilee
He saidEM there is just one thA ing I must ask but nD ot a personal grC ief
But DaBM niel wouldn't listen he just grAM abbed the harp
And said tD7 ake what you may nG eed.
Now DaG niel looked quite satiC sfied and the harp it seD emed to gG low
But the price that Daniel had reaC lly paid he did not eD ven kEM now
BG ack to his brother he tD7 ook his troubled mind
And he sC aid oh brother I'm G in a bind
But the brother would not hD7 ear his tale he said OC ld Daniel's gonna laG nd in jail
G So to his father DaD niel did run And he sG aid oh father what hD ave I done
His fatC her said son you've gBM iven in you know you AM won your harp
But you lG ost ??? ???
Then DaEM niel took the harp and went hA igh on the hill
And he bD lew across the meadow like a whiC pperwhill
He plEM ayed out his heart just the tA ime to pass
But as he looD ked to the ground he noC ticed no shadow did he cG ast
Repeat Chorus

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