Band: Akordy k piesni Jemima Surrender

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Band - Jemima Surrender (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

D (w/riff 3) E7
Jemima Surrender, I'm gonna give it to you,
G Ain't no pretender, gonna A7 ride in my canoe.
D G F (w/riff 3)
If I were a barker in a girly show,
D Tell ya G what I'd do,F I'd D lock the door, G tear my shirt and A7 let my river flow.
Oh, G oh, Sweet Jemima wont'cha EM come out tonight?
The groundG is so warm and the moonA7 is so bright!D
rpt intro
Jemima Surrender, I'm gonna give it to you,
I'll bring over my Fender
And I'll play all night for you.
There's a bird on my head
And his mouth won't talk,
You know he laughs just like a goose,
But looks like a hawk
Jemima, you know what I'm try'n to say,
Meet me in front and we'll fly away.
D Csus2 G/B A7
F You can change your G name
You can find a newC walk
You can change aE lock, its all the same
F You don't have to giveG out
If you'll only giveC in
You can jump and shout but can't youA see girl, that I'm bound to win
riff 2 into verse
rpt verse
Jemima Surrender, I'm gonna give it to you,
Ain't no pretender, gonna see my tattoo;
I hand you my rod and you hand me that line,
That's what you do, now, we ain't doing much fishin'
Or drinkin' any wine.
Sweet Jemima, if I were king
I'd fix you up with a diamond ring.
riff 1
riff 2 --> D

riffs transcribed for bass in standard tuning
riff 1:

riff 2:

riff 3

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