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Rag Mama Rag

Band - Rag Mama Rag

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Band - Rag Mama Rag (text piesne)

Rag Mama Rag,
I can't believe its true.
Rag Mama Rag,
A-what did you do?
I crawled up to,
The railroad track,
Let the four nineteen,
Scratch my back.
Verse 2:
Shag mama shag,
Now, whats come over you?
Rag Mama Rag,
I'm a pulling out your gag.
Gon-na turn you lose,
Like an old caboose,
Got a tail I need a drag.
Bridge 1:
I ask about your turtle,
And you ask about the weather.
Well, I can't jump the hurdle,
And we can't get to-gether.
A7 (n.C)
We could be relaxing,
In my sleeping bag,
But all you want to do,
For me mama is a...
Verse 3:
Rag Mama Rag.
Theres no-where to go,
Rag Mama Rag,
Come on resin up the bow.
D, C G (x2)
Verse 4:
Rag Mama Rag,
Where do ya roam?
Rag Mama Rag,
Bring your skinny,
Little body right home.
Its dog eat dog,
And cat eat mouse,
You can Rag Mama Rag,
All over my house.
Bridge 2:
Hail stones beatin' on the roof,
The bourbon is a hundred proof.
It's you and me and the telephone,
Our destiny is,
Quite well known.
We don't need to sit and brag.
All we gotta do is...
Rag Mama Rag.
Rag Mama Rag,
Where do you roam?
Rag Mama Rag,
Bring your skinny,
Little body right home.

xx0232 320003 xx0212 032310 x02223 032010
Tabbed by Joel from cLuMsY, Bristol, England, 2007

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