Band: Akordy k piesni Tears of Rage

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Band - Tears of Rage (akordy)

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C AM F D BB E7 C7 Fmaj7
(Verse 1)
C We carried you in oAM ur arms F on IndependenDM ce Day
BB And now you'd throw us all F aside and C put us all away
Oh, what dear daughter 'neath the AM sun could F treat a father so?DM
BB To wait upon him F hand and foot and C always tell him "No"
E7 Tears of rage,AM tears of grief
F Why must I alwaysC be the thief?
E7 Come to me now, you know we'reAM so low
F And life is C7 brief Fmaj7 C
(Verse 2)
It was all very painless
When you went out to receive
All that false instruction
Which we never could believe
And now the heart is filled with gold
As if it was a purse
But, oh, what kind of love is this
Which goes from bad to worse?
(Verse 3)
We pointed you the way to go
And scratched your name in sand
Though you just thought it was nothing more
Than a place for you to stand
I want you to know that while we watched
You discovered no one would be true
And I myself was among
The ones who thought
It was just a childish thing to do

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