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Band - Twillight (akordy)

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G Don't seC nd me noG distant salutations
G or silly souveniEM rs from far away AM
D7 Don't leave me alone in the twilight
D7 Twilight is the loneliesD t time a day G
G Over by C the wildwood G
Where young loverEM s go
AM Sparks flashig in the night
D7 Thrue colours show
If I had my way I'd never
get the urge to roam
A young man serves his country
and an old man guards the home
G Don't put me in a C frame upon the manteG l
'Fore memories turn C du/Em sty old and AM grey
D7 Don't leave me alone in the twilight
Twilight is the lD oneliest time a dG ay
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I could take the darkness oh
Storms in the skies
But we all got certain trials
burnin' up inside
you only hurt yourself
you dont know what you doing
trying to make it all alone
who you think you foolin
dont hand me nothin i can hold
or nothin that i can gave away
dont leave me alone in the twilight
cos twilight is a lonliest time a day
they play it from A, but i like it from G because…of my singing
Joško Ratković from Croatia

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