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Bob Geldof - 10: 15 (akordy)

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A Jeanne saved my soul agaiE n last night.
F#M She bathed me in love. She toA ld me I was beautiful, and IE F#M
made her come alot.
G She made me special perfumed tE ea, went and boughtG
E patisserie, putG on muF#M sic... Bob Marley, Lay me back and
E fed me.
A She read a poem by BaudelaireE , sitting naked iF#M n a chair
G Her perfume filled the holy aE ir, and eased mF#M y tired heart.E
A She lit a fire laE ter on, putF#M her bra and panties on. I watchedG
her as her beautE y shone, and filled my emptF#M y soul.
A And though I did my best andE tried, Sadness claimF#M ed me
and I cried, She G wiped the wetness from my eyes, being E F#M
kind, she said she didn't mind. She drew a baA th and washedE
me clean, then F#M kneeling took me by degrees. She held meG
till I E went to sleep, theF#M n put me on the 10:15
A God you work in wonderoE us ways, bless this girl for all her
days. AndG when I'm tired and old and greE y, I'll think of F#M this
day... smiliA ng

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