Byzantine - God's Shame

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Interpret: Byzantine

Byzantine - God's Shame (text piesne)

I'm alive and breast feeding the nation
Line up the graves suckle their cares away
I'm dispensing my own medication
Once you're the same
There will be no pawns to sway

Because it's a shame
It's all God's shame
That he can't kill you all
It's a goddamn shame
That I can't murder you all

Romulus and Remus said without forgiveness
Line up the graves it's time for us to play
I'm inside of you sow my seeds in you
I took away all your innocence pride
I'm disgusted inside I'm ashamed

We are God's shame

Now it's your turn to die you are mine
Get in line like swine
You are mine
Get in line like swine
Your blood will flow

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