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Light in the dark

Catastrofy - Light in the dark

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Catastrofy - Light in the dark (text piesne)

I was lost in the dark

In distance shined a spark

I saw my sunrise from the ground, yeah

I couldn´t stand and I was weak and

I wasn´t so strong, I couldn´t breathe

And when the sunshine took my hand I saw my light,

This sun gave me power for all my life

And my sun are you

I dreamed about this warm

And now I belevie, that this heat we feel

will be here for us

this heat will be here for us

I can see the flame in your eyes,

And I know, you will burn for me – for me

You´ll be there and you know, that I´ll be there for you - for you

Oh, I´ll be there for you, yeah!

Now I hold you

And I’ll never leave you

Or I will never let you go

Never, never, never...

I walked alone but now, I’m walking with you hand in hand

With flame in palm, with burning arm

And I never put out your light

When I´m going trough the rainfall, through the wind and through the night

I´m still looking for you, my eternal light

Cause I don´t wanna be lost again

Uhhh I will guard you and respect you, forever

Cause everything what was broking me

You´ve sent away

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