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Charlie Hall - Madly (akordy)

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G Im not surprised that you still Cadd9 call im not surprised
G Cadd9(*)
im more surprised that i dont answer
G pick up the phone to call you Cadd9 back
G pick up the phone to call you Cadd9 back
G aint it funny how things Cadd9 work out like that
# cause the time that it C takes
to open my eyes
is the time that it C took me
to D realize
G madly madly madly
D tell me that you need me
EM show me im the only
thats C all i need to know
G madly madly madly
D well if you really love me
EM when you see me leaving baby
C just D let me gG o
well ive been good, no i been great
you say your in a better place
honestly im happy for you
but theres a tone in my voice
it gives away my selfish choice
could my heart beat any faster
cause the time that it takes
to pass me by
is the time that it took me
to realize
madly madly madly...
DM we give it up
try to C find what was with us all the time
G gotta loose some things if you D ever gonna get em back
who was DM wrong, who was righC t
always end up in a F fight
i thought i C won, but D now i findG
madly madly madly...(repeat till the end)
G Cadd9(*) # C D Em
Cadd9(*) = you play Cadd9 and then slide quickly to (*) and back again. If you don't
what I mean, just leave it. It doesn't make a huge difference.
I tabbed this from a video of Tristan at a radio station.

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