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Charlie Hall - Salvation (akordy)

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ESalvation spA2ring up from the Eground
Lord, rend the A2heavens and come Edown
Seek the A2lost and heal the Elame
Jesus bring A2glory to Your Ename

ELet all the A2prodigals run Ehome
All of creaA2tion waits and Egroans
Lord, we've A2heard of Your great Efame
Father, cause all to A2shout Your Ename

BsusStir up our C#mi7hearts, oh A2God
BsusAwaken our C#mi7spirits to A2awe who BsusYou are
Put a C#mi7cry in A2us
So Bsusdeep inA2side that we Bsuscannot A2find
The Bsuswords we A2need
We just Bsusweep and cEry out to You

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