Charlie Hall: Akordy k piesni Your Glory Endures Forever

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Interpret: Charlie Hall

Charlie Hall - Your Glory Endures Forever (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

C You ride on wings of winD d; you are beginnG/B ing and the endC
C Mountains melting in Your flamD e, Creation puG/B lsing out Your namAM e
AM You are forever, D You are forever
G Your glory endures foreveD/F# r; Your beauty outshinC es the heavensEM
And we will declarD e Your wondersA7 , your splendor, your C majesty
Verse II:
C Earth rotating in your handD , GalaxG/B ies in your commandC
C You make and sustain the breath of maD n, Your deeds gG/B o on foreverAM
AM You are ForeverD , You G/B are forever,C You are forever,D You G/B are forever
A7 You are Forever,C You are forever
Outro :
G D/F# C Em D A7 C (3x) C . . .

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