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Chicago - Happy Man (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

EM C (E7+9,E7-9)
AM7 Merely by chance
Very unD7 suspecting
BM7 You caught my heart
E7 Unprotecting meAM7
Now i've fD7 allen in love with BM7 you E7
AM7 Just when i thought
I was fD7 ree and easy
BM7 You came along to me
Soft and bBBMAJ reezy AM7
Now i've faD7 llen in love with yBM7 ou
E7 Woo hoo AM7
I've fallenD7 in love with GMAJ you F
And for the fiC rst time iEM n myAM7 life EM
I knoC w what it'EM s like tAM7 o be a hapBB py man
F Happy man C E7
And for the fiC rst time iEM n myAM7 life EM
You'vC e given meEM somethiAM7 ng i can'tBB understand
F C (E7+9,E7-9)
Being a happy man
Be with me now
Love me forever
Leaving you lady
Is something that i'd never do
I've fallen in love with you
All of my life it seems i have waited
Now i can say all these words i have stated are true
I've fallen in love with you
Woo hoo
Fallen in love with you woo hoo

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